From The Diagnostic and Statistical Field Guide of Feminine Disorders

About Ennui:

“While important, feminist theory is rarely charming. Hauser brings charm to the subject of repression. Wordplay is combined with research and the poet’s particular brand of insight. At first glance, Ennui looks intimidating with its footnotes and literary subject headings; however, this long poem is immediately accessible. It also constitutes one of the most disarming chapbooks I have read in quite some time.”

—Erica Wright

“This is smart political poetry, smart and worth more than a thousand acres of the garden-variety stuff. There’s no mere rant here, no posturing or preaching to the choir, no blind assertion or intellectual archness. This is political poetry at its best, not just because it’s fun but because it is self-testing. By taking a poke at her methods and assumptions, Hauser proves they hold water. Ennui is a singular delight, poetry that is unafraid to validate the heft and authority of its own voice before asking the reader to consider its conclusions.”

—George Wallace

“Hauser’s humor is deceptively dispassionate, literally wicked. She has so thoroughly occupied the territory that was conceived at the expense of women that one doesn’t know where the institutional language ends and Hauser’s begins. Ennui is the gift she noirishly leaves upon the mantel when she has finished dismantling the house with the master’s tools.”

—Lauren Neefe