Now In November – Poetry Remix

Fellow Pulitzer Remixer Ann Cefola has published the entire series of her found poems from the Pulitzer Prize winning novel Now In November by Josephine Winslow Johnson at These poems, paired with Depression-era photographs, are a remarkable alchemy of fiction, poetry, and history.

Pulitzer Remix Poem #29

“Noon, Sunday” is Pulitzer poem #29. It’s a collage inspired by the wonderful haikus I’ve been reading by the other other Remixers.

Pulitzer Remix Poem #27

Today’s poem is very loosely based on Gary Glauber’s technique of working with the last sentence of each chapter of the text. I am grateful to Gary and all the remixers for sharing their techniques and processes. Just when I think the well is completely dry, one of you provides the inspiration for the next […]

Pulitzer Remix Poem #26

Poem #26 for the Remix is a collage from pages 92-93 titled “I Gave Up Visiting Junk Shops and Writing Poetry.” I think this may be my favorite title.

Pulitzer Remix Poem # 22

Poem #22 for the Pulitzer Remix titled “Girls Before The War” is a collage from “A Summons To Memphis.”