Now In November – Poetry Remix

Fellow Pulitzer Remixer Ann Cefola has published the entire series of her found poems from the Pulitzer Prize winning novel Now In November by Josephine Winslow Johnson at These poems, paired with Depression-era photographs, are a remarkable alchemy of fiction, poetry, and history.

Pulitzer Remix Poem #20

Poem # 20 for the Pulitzer Remix titled “(nothing like that” was collaged using the references to WWII in the novel “A Summons To Memphis.”  

Pulitzer Remix Poem #12

Poem #12 for the Pulitzer Remix titled Still Looking is online at Today’s poem is another one page erasure. The whited-out page is displayed as well as a typed version of the poem which uses enjambment and stanzas to convey the subject matter. Trying out different forms always reminds me that the form shapes the […]

Pulitzer Remix Poem #10

Poem #10 of the Pulitzer Remix titled “Sprawling” is online Today’s poem gives you a choice of visual images. The actual page of the text is posted with the erased words blacked out. A second version shows the words erased leaving blank space on the page.