Reading Moby-Dick Day 9

Chapter 9 The Sermon in which Father Mapple delivers a long sermon on Jonah. An eco-feminist collage: Woe to him who seeks to pour oil upon the waters when good(d)ness has brewed them into whale.

Reading Moby-Dick Day 8

Chapter 8 The Pulpit Melville treats us to a lengthy description of the pulpit at a Whaleman’s Chapel and Father Mapple. “the world’s a ship on its passage out…and the pulpit is its prow.”  

Reading Moby-Dick Day 7

Chapter 7 The Chapel in which Ishmael contemplates and embraces his own mortality: “Methinks that what they call my shadow here on earth is my true substance.”   Hush All The Dead Unrecorded accidents Sailors without a grave Moody wives and stubborn widows Islands of silent grief    

Reading Moby-Dick Day 6

Chapter 6 The Street Ishamel describes the wealthy town of New Bedford as the land of oil where fathers gives whales for dowers and portion off their nieces with a few porpoises; where every house has reservoirs of oil and burn their lengths every night. Ooh, I feel an eco-feminist reading coming on. spring-time howling […]

Reading Moby-Dick Chapter 2

Chapter Two The Carpet-Bag in which Ishmael leaves NYC for New Bedford where he discovers he must wait two nights for the ship to Nantucket. He follows his instincts waterward to The Spouter-Inn. And young Melville was kind of a hottie. (Well I didn’t promise only intellectual responses).  The Trap! It was a church, ominous […]

Reading Moby-Dick Chapter 1

Please join me as I read Moby-Dick one Chapter per day. I will post short responses (and perhaps a found poem from each chapter) here. Chapter 1 Loomings in which we meet Ishmael who can’t resist the siren call of the open sea. I was excited to read references to familiar places like Manhattan, the Battery, and […]

Thank You Babylon Beacon

Babylon poet Deborah Hauser selected for National Poetry Month Deborah Hauser was selected as an Official Pulitzer Remixer for National Poetry Month. Eighty-five poets from seven countries will create found poetry from the 85 Pulitzer Prize winning works of fiction as part of Pulitzer Remix, a 2013 National Poetry Month initiative. Each poet will post […]

May 28 at Bluestockings

Women’s / Trans’ Poetry Jam & Open Mike Tuesday May 28th  7pm – 9p Feature Writers: Geri De Luca & Deborah Hauser Deborah Hauser’s poetry chapbook” Ennui: From the Diagnostic and Statistical Field Guide of Feminine Disorders” is a satirical take on the current status of women and the “woman question.” Her poetry seeks to (dis)enchant […]

The Next-Big-Thing Interview

The Next-Big-Thing Interview Thank you to Anthony DiMatteo, a fellow Long Island poet, for tagging me for this interview. Here are my answers with reference to my poetry chapbook which was published by Finishing Line Press (Georgetown, KY) in 2011. What is the title of your book? Ennui: From the Diagnostic and Statistical Field Guide […]