Thank you to Neon Magazine editor Krishan Coupland and reviewer J.S. Watts for reviewing Ennui.

Ennui, or to quote its full title, Ennui: From the Diagnostic and Statistical Field Guide of Feminine Disorders, is an erudite and thought-provoking chapbook by the American poet, Deborah Hauser.

In a series of twenty-eight brief poetic segments (in terms of meaning and tone, the chapbook is really one poem), Hauser explores the suggested significance and meaning of both the word and the condition of Ennui and, via this, feminist theory and the traditional feminine condition–no mean feat for a slim publication. If you think this sounds unduly intellectual and heavy, you’d be wrong.”

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Santa arrived early. I’m absolutely thrilled with Emilia Fuentes Grant’s review of Ennui at ThePedestalMagazine.

Ennui: From the Diagnostic and Statistical Field of Feminine Disorders is a dynamic offering from Deborah Hauser. An exploration of a single word, “ennui,” this work is as entertaining as it is scathing. Ennui is defined: its history, synonyms, antonyms, related concepts, and cultural significance; in this way, the central meaning of the term is evaluated. The result is a work which beautifully expresses the concerns facing modern women.

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