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Self inflicted Gaunt spare laid bare

Pulitzer Remix Poem #5

“Some Shame” Poem #5 of the Pulitzer Remix is now online at This one is more of a narrative than the previous poems in this series.

Pulitzer Remix Poem #4

Poem # 4 for the Pulitzer Remix titled “Like A Body” is on line at I’m composing poems from the text of “A Summons To Memphis” by Peter Taylor. Here’s Taylor’s bio: (born Jan. 8, 1917, Trenton, Tenn., U.S.died Nov. 2, 1994, Charlottesville, Va.) U.S. short-story writer, novelist, and playwright. Taylor studied in the 1930s […]

Pulitzer Remix Poem #3

Poem # 3 “I Live Here” is online at This poem was “found” in the text of Peter Taylor’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel “A Summons To Memphis,” a Southern story about Phillip Carver who moves to NY only to be called back to Memphis for family business. It’s an enjoyable read.  

Pulitzer Remix Poem #2

Poem # 2 is an erasure poem titled “There Is A Difference.” It’s composed of 58 words from page 23 of “A Summons To Memphis” in the order in which they appear in the text with all the other text “erased.” Read the poem and see the “erased text” at Check back tomorrow for poem […]

Pulitzer Remix Poem # 1

I posted poem #1 titled “A Wonderful Eventuality To Contemplate” at today. The poem is a collage of words and phrases that I created from Chapter One of the Pulitzer Prize winning novel “A Summons To Memphis” by Peter Taylor. Check back every morning during April for a new poem in celebration of National Poetry […]

Interview with Stony Brook Graduate School Newsletter

Inspired by Wallace Stevens and Betty Friedan, Deborah Hauser ’99 tackles Ennui Alumna Deborah Hauser leads a double life akin to the famed poet Wallace Stevens: She’s an insurance rep by day and a poet by night. Hauser received her undergraduate degree from Stony Brook in multi-disciplinary studies, focusing on political science and sociology, in 1999, […]