Reading Moby-Dick Chapter 36

Chapter 36 The Quarter-Deck  Oh, my sweet cardinals!  Ahab reveals to the crew that the purpose of their voyage is to kill Moby Dick the great white whale. Starbuck objects and distinguishes killing Moby Dick for profit if they come upon him in the course of business from seeking vengeance on a dumb brute. Ahab […]

Reading Moby-Dick Chapter 35

Chapter 35 The Mast-Head  A found poem collaged from Chapter 35 exploring the (not so) subtle homoerotic subtext of sailors looking for sperm (whales).  my first mast-head came astronomical madly invoked domestic vortices small seductive compass romantic young man sings out ejaculates one pint of sperm loses his mast-head to the mystic sea

Reading Moby-Dick Chapter 34

Chapter 34 The Cabin-Table It was a witchery of social czarship.  Ishmael describes how the ship’s cabin belongs to Ahab and how the crew dines there in awful silence. Queequeg makes a brief appearance with the other harpooners.

Reading Moby-Dick Chapter 32

Chapter 32 Cetology  a spouting fish, with a horizontal tail A found poem collaged from Chapter 32, in which nothing happens.   unshored exhibitions torture me to what purpose this unwritten life scientific or poetic the architect or the builder hunters, philosophers, jewelers and watchmakers he attains length and latitudes but let him go you […]

Reading Moby-Dick Chapter 31

Chapter 31 Queen Mab  …great glory to be slapped by a queen… Stubb recounts a dream to Flask in which Ahab kicks Stubb with his ivory  leg and a badger-haired merman with a hump back appears to counsel Stubb.    

Reading Moby-Dick Chapter 29

 Chapter 29 Enter Ahab; to him, Stubb  I am glad to have entered a new month of reading Moby-Dick. I have switched from counting days to counting chapters and it will be more difficult to calculate when I fall behind a day two.  …is he mad?…he don’t sleep… Stubb makes an error of judgment and […]

Reading Moby-Dick Chapter 28

Chapter 28 Ahab  …but moody stricken Ahab stood before them with a  crucifixion in his face; in all the nameless regal overbearing dignity of some mighty woe. Captain Ahab finally appears after several days at sea. The mark on his face is the subject of much discussion amount the crew: is it a birthmark or […]