Reading Moby-Dick Day 7

Chapter 7 The Chapel in which Ishmael contemplates and embraces his own mortality: “Methinks that what they call my shadow here on earth is my true substance.”   Hush All The Dead Unrecorded accidents Sailors without a grave Moody wives and stubborn widows Islands of silent grief    

Reading Moby-Dick Day 6

Chapter 6 The Street Ishamel describes the wealthy town of New Bedford as the land of oil where fathers gives whales for dowers and portion off their nieces with a few porpoises; where every house has reservoirs of oil and burn their lengths every night. Ooh, I feel an eco-feminist reading coming on. spring-time howling […]

Reading Moby Dick – Chapter 4

Chapter 4 The Counterpane (a patchwork quilt) Ishamel wakes to find himself being hugged by Queequeg (homoerotic?) and recalls his stepmother sending him to bed early when he was a child. It’s always the evil stepmother, isn’t it? I had been his harpoon the small of my back ached the pagan spell broken unlock his bridegroom […]

Reading Moby Dick-Chapter 3

Chapter Three The Spouter Inn. There’s no room at the inn, so Ishmael agrees to share a bed with Queequeg the tattooed harpooner only after Queequeg extinguishes his pipe because Ishmael “aint insured.” Brings a twinkle to this claims adjuster’s heart.  

Reading Moby-Dick Chapter 2

Chapter Two The Carpet-Bag in which Ishmael leaves NYC for New Bedford where he discovers he must wait two nights for the ship to Nantucket. He follows his instincts waterward to The Spouter-Inn. And young Melville was kind of a hottie. (Well I didn’t promise only intellectual responses).  The Trap! It was a church, ominous […]

Reading Moby-Dick Chapter 1

Please join me as I read Moby-Dick one Chapter per day. I will post short responses (and perhaps a found poem from each chapter) here. Chapter 1 Loomings in which we meet Ishmael who can’t resist the siren call of the open sea. I was excited to read references to familiar places like Manhattan, the Battery, and […]