Honorable Mention

I am the proud recipient of an Honorable Mention in the Nassau County Poet Laureate’s poetry contest judged by Linda Opyr for my poem titled “The Shape of a Mother.” Congratulations to all the winners. I am honored to be in such fine company.  

Pulitzer Remix Poem #20

Poem # 20 for the Pulitzer Remix titled “(nothing like that” was collaged using the references to WWII in the novel “A Summons To Memphis.” http://www.pulitzerremix.com/titles/a-summons-to-memphis/april-20-nothing-like-that/  

Pulitzer Remix Poem # 19

Woo hoo! The word “feminist” is in my text. Read poem # 19 of the Pulitzer Remix, an erasure titled “Sisters Deepest.” http://www.pulitzerremix.com/titles/a-summons-to-memphis/april-19-sisters-deepest/

Pulitzer Poem # 17

Pulitzer Poem #17 titled “well” is online http://www.pulitzerremix.com/titles/a-summons-to-memphis/april-17-well/ Today’s  poem is anther dual cross out/erasure. There’s one punctuation mark left in the erasure that I didn’t feel was needed in the cross out. Once again, I discover that form makes meaning. I got the idea to leave punctuation in the erasure from Sarah Sloat whose erasures […]

Pulitzer Remix Poem # 15

http://www.pulitzerremix.com/titles/a-summons-to-memphis/april-15-to-rise/ Poem #15 “To Rise,” an uncharacteristically optimistic erasure poem, is online as a cross-out or white-out. I made it to the halfway mark. Congratulations to all the remixers for creating this astounding body of work. I’ve learned so much (technically and artistically) and drawn so much inspiration from reading the work of my (insert gender […]

Pulitzer Remix Poem #14

Poem # 14 titled “Dear Phillip, I’ll Write You A Letter” is online http://www.pulitzerremix.com/titles/a-summons-to-memphis/april-14-dear-phillip-ill-write-you-a-letter/ Today’s poem, an epistle, is a collage from Chapter 11.    

Pulitzer Remix Poem #13

Poem #13 of the Pulitzer Remix titled “Far Past Midnight” is online at http://www.pulitzerremix.com/titles/a-summons-to-memphis/april-13-far-past-midnight/ I’m in a more narrative mood today. This poem was constructed as a collage from words and phrases in Chapter 13 of Peter Taylor’s “A Summons To Memphis.”

Pulitzer Remix Poem #12

Poem #12 for the Pulitzer Remix titled Still Looking is online at http://www.pulitzerremix.com/titles/a-summons-to-memphis/april-12-still-looking/ Today’s poem is another one page erasure. The whited-out page is displayed as well as a typed version of the poem which uses enjambment and stanzas to convey the subject matter. Trying out different forms always reminds me that the form shapes the […]