Pulitzer Remix Poem #29

“Noon, Sunday” is Pulitzer poem #29. It’s a collage inspired by the wonderful haikus I’ve been reading by the other other Remixers. http://www.pulitzerremix.com/titles/a-summons-to-memphis/april-29-noon-sunday/

Pulitzer Remix Poem #27

Today’s poem is very loosely based on Gary Glauber’s technique of working with the last sentence of each chapter of the text. I am grateful to Gary and all the remixers for sharing their techniques and processes. Just when I think the well is completely dry, one of you provides the inspiration for the next […]

Pulitzer Remix Poem #26

Poem #26 for the Remix is a collage from pages 92-93 titled “I Gave Up Visiting Junk Shops and Writing Poetry.” I think this may be my favorite title. http://www.pulitzerremix.com/titles/a-summons-to-memphis/april-26-i-gave-up-visiting-junk-shops-and-writing-poetry/

Pulitzer Remix Poem # 22

Poem #22 for the Pulitzer Remix titled “Girls Before The War” is a collage from “A Summons To Memphis.” http://www.pulitzerremix.com/titles/a-summons-to-memphis/april-22-girls-before-the-war/

Pulitzer Remix Poem # 21

Poem # 21 for the Pulitzer Remix is another WWII poem collaged from the novel “A Summons To Memphis.” http://www.pulitzerremix.com/titles/a-summons-to-memphis/april-21-the-girl-in-the-draft-board-office/